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How To Scan Stocks For Swing Trading


You’ll want to keep an eye on other technical indicators and chart patterns to decide whether these stocks are likely to continue their previous upward trends. One of the other nice things about using the Breakouts module to look for swing trading opportunities is that you can search only your watchlist stocks rather than the whole market. This allows you to focus in on stocks that you’re already keyed into or on stocks from a particular market sector.


  • If you are happy with a 20% gain over a month or more, 5% to 10% gains every week or two can add up to significant profits.
  • This simple scan uses two common trading indicators to find candidates for a quick bullish momentum trade.
  • Now, in order to create a strategy, you will have to go through several steps.
  • And while this isn’t strange at all, it often caused a lot of angst if those performance goals aren’t met.

You need to make sure that it’s robust enough to hold in live trading. Momentum swing trading strategies work, but it’s much harder to find edges that rely on momentum logics than mean reversion. However, if you find one, it could help to diversify your portfolio, given that you already trade a mean reversion strategy. Penny stocks are highly volatile and riskful securities, and many times don’t even trade on a regulated exchange.

A simple swing trading strategy that works

Incorporating new techniques can be daunting, but adaptation and flexibility will make you a more profitable trader, and ultimately lead to the freedom you are longing for. This section contains cloud links to premade scans and layouts, including videos and descriptions. Having screened only for the first part , we’ve come up with 130 names. This list came to be further minimized, by increasing the volume threshold or adding the EPS and sales growth over the last 5-years. Based on what we screened, there are a few names that look interesting.

Here at The Robust Trader, we’ve created a list of the best trading forums. Now, in order to create a strategy, you will have to go through several steps. We’ll cover every step just in a bit, but due to practical considerations, we cannot cover everything since there are many other topics that need coverage. In addition to that, stress has a negative impact on your trading, and makes you more prone to committing mistakes. Live data- Depending on what market you want data for and your broker, this could range from being free to costing several hundreds of dollars each year. Later in the article, we’re going to cover how to calculate risk management correctly.

I like Swing Trading and, I was hoping you could help me with a query I have. When I initiate a Trade I set my Stop Loss at 1X ATR below my entry Price. Because by using the principles I’ve shared, you can also use different areas of value like (trend line, trend channel, moving average, and etc.). The idea of swing trading is to endure as “little pain” as possible by exiting your trades before the opposing pressure comes in. Each individual should assume that all information contained on this site is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. There is a substantial risk for loss when trading securities as they are highly susceptible to the risks and uncertainties of certain economic conditions.

So, anyway, again, I have no financial interest in this whatsoever, but I do use it, I do like it, something to check out. If you liked the video, if you want me to do some more of this stuff, I can maybe show you some scans that I do if you’re interested in that, let me know what you’re interested in. Let me know what kind of things you’d like me to cover in the future if you liked it, encourages me so I keep creating more free tutorials for you. So that’s how I trade setups on the daily, confirmation on the weekly and this will scan both the daily in the weekly for you. You can put parameters on both and the results are super fast; that’s another thing I love about this, the results come up and just pop up super fast.

trading stocks list

This is what our Swing Trader education package and daily stock market newsletters are for. Going through the list, there are a lot of names that pop out. In the next section we are going to take a look at just FinViz, and how to screen for the best trending stocks. This is a great place to start before moving forward, so you can choose which screener is best for your trading needs.

An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

How to Find the Best Trending Stocks for Swing Trading with FinViz Stock Screener

While a free plan is available for Stock Rover’s stock screener, three premium plans are available, including the Essentials Plan, Premium Plan, and Premium Plus Plan. You learn about thousands of different types of stocks and filter through them based on volume, signals, price, and much more. While there are some free stock screeners, most investors will agree that the best features come from stock screeners that offer premium services. A trader can measure their performance as a percentage of the trading channel width.

Many swing traders like to use Fibonacci extensions, simple resistance levels or price by volume. Ideally, this is done before the trade has even been placed, but a lot will often depend on the day’s trading. Moreover, adjustments may need to be made later, depending on future trading. The estimated timeframe for this stock swing trade is approximately one week. It’s important to be aware of the typical timeframe that swing trades unfold over so that you can effectively monitor your trades and maximise the potential for your trades to be profitable. There are two basic functions and search periods for stock scanners, fundamental and technical based on end-of-day or real-time intraday data.


The 20-day moving average is a good barometer for the overall strength and trend in stock, if we close and hold below, then the bearish momentum could really take over. Next, traders check to see whether any filings have been made by searching the SEC’s EDGAR database. If there is material information, it should be analyzed in order to determine whether it affects the current trading plan. A trader may also have to adjust their stop-loss and take-profit points as a result. Swing trading can be difficult for the average retail trader.

Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. The Stop portion gets me in as the price is moving in the direction I want, and the Limit portion of the order controls the price I pay. Each weekend I update my “Market Health Outlook” which looks at the state of the market and whether I’m buying or not. Open your watchlists on TradingView in the upper right corner. Alexander Elder used an EMA and the MACD indicator in his Impulse System to determine market momentum.

Swing trading: Where to set your stop loss so you don’t get stopped out prematurely

Since the results are formulated based on closing prices, there is no immediate need or opportunity to trade the stocks. The swing trader’s focus isn’t on gains developing over weeks or months; the average length of a trade is more like 5 to 10 days. In this way, you can make a lot of small wins, which will add up to big overall returns. If you are happy with a 20% gain over a month or more, 5% to 10% gains every week or two can add up to significant profits.

The best way to enter a swing trade is to wait for a confirmed trend. You can enter the trade when the price action confirms the trend by breaking through a key resistance or support level. Some of the most popular indicators for swing trading are moving averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, and Fibonacci Retracements. When looking for all these types of conditions to find the best stocks to trade at the moment, you’d better use a stock screener. Finding a swing trading strategy that works requires hard work and many hours by the computer. However, once you manage to find one, you will be rewarded by your efforts.

While you will make mistakes in your swing trading, you will also do many things right! Many new traders dive headlong into their journals as soon as they have made an error, which is exactly what they should do! However, once they make something right, they forget to write it down. Keep in mind that your swing trading journal is something that you will be doing every day. It is understandable that you are enthusiastic in the beginning and choose to include a variety of statistics and information.

https://business-oppurtunities.com/ hard to set a number that applies to everybody, since everyone has a different risk tolerance. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should make sure to not risk more than a few percents of your capital on each trade. Of course, you won’t have all your capital in the market all the time. Quite on the contrary, you’ll experience that there will be periods when you don’t get any signals. This is perfectly normal, and you shouldn’t rush into positions because of it.

Real-Time Stock Alerts

These are more hands-on programs that can be time consuming to set-up for the user especially if programming knowledge is required, but the accuracy of the scans are the highest. Having the scanner monitor your 100 stocks in real-time compared to over 6,000 stocks makes a big difference. In addition to draining more resources and the timeliness of results, you will also have to contend with potentially a lot more candidates to analyze.

Swing Trading vs. Day Trading

MultichartsMulticharts is a trading platform that’s very similar to TradeStation in several regards. You can use it to scan for trading signals, and also perform advanced portfolio backtests. However, Multicharts is only a trading platform and requires that you connect to a live data stream. If you want to perform your trades through the Multicharts, you could also connect to a broker of your choice. Before we get to the meat of this article, we believe it’s wise to start with some more practical considerations. Some of these things, such as transactional costs, could have a significant impact on your results as a trader, so we urge you to not skip this part.

It is definitely easier said than done, but many of the how to begin a dog training career screeners that are available can guide you in the right direction to get started. The stock screener also has dozens of filters, including the ability to sort by active price, swing percentages, volume, and more. These premium plans include access to portfolio management tools, historical stock market data, and the ability to take advantage of hundreds of custom screening tools and metrics. Stock screeners can be excellent for swing trading because they provide investors with tons of tools and information that can be useful. As mentioned, other methods can be used to profit from the market’s short-term swings. After entering a swing trade, place a protective stop reasonably close to your entry point.

The proper use of a stock scanner depends on what you are using it for. Remember that a scanner is a tool that provides potential candidates to trade. You must still apply your own triggers once the candidates are validated and you are familiar with the stock.

TRADEPRO Academy is not responsible for any liabilities arising as a result of your market involvement or individual trade activities. We teach you the entire approach to swing trading with options and how to choose the best trading strategy in each and every market condition. In this case, we get 101 stocks that have met all of our criteria. With which you can do 2 things, go through all of the names and find out which ones look the best. Or you can filter for higher liquidity, which would mean increasing the volume criteria. With 2M we have 61 names that are crossing back above the 20 moving average to show us bullish strength.

Many traders fail because they simply can’t stand the emotional pressures that are involved with losses and drawdowns. As such, it could be wise to start coming up with trading ideas that attempt to make use of the mean-reverting tendency of the stock market. When the market has gone to much to the upside, we usually say that it’s overbought.

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