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Manager Director,Us Kid’s Funds unicef Ii!

Manager Director,Us Kid’s Funds unicef Ii!

The condition of new World’s People 1996

) us . _ -. lfV IlXll U E!AU!’+_ THE STATEOF THE WORLD’S CHILDREN1996 Carol Bellamy. JY PwblishHlfor UNICEF by Oxford University Press Contents FQrel.-oro by United Nanons Secmary.QeTlCnIlPre!aa by UNICEF I>OUIIVC DirectorImrod”’;lion 7,to eltl/Pler IChild..” In war W. “, ond civil conllo. “‘” taking . i'” loll on chi!e numbers. though impred “‘, are Dlod [,,>Ill lhe ir I>ome<. and """n,I",,< OI!lers face [hehe;g.hlonm risk (Ifdi"''''''' and malnutrition and of . Iion from lheir fllJ1lil ies. In,ema. 1 la. pn'lIl Hles l.I;lndard.. for prolccling ch;ld

n in war,111= JWld:mb mull bo vigO)l’l)llda calls for . end w!he n:a’\I;lmtll, “ndcOIls<:riplioflin)the: mililalyof cltildm! under the3j';CQr IS. for . han on the man-Ufac:1ur". L1S<' . "oOJ land-mines and for M

lO”””‘it and fln>’Cutc war crim<'S. The Agendaalso urges . ppo<1 for Iong'l","" develop. n' . rrronmi'child :IlIt'lival and deveklpmcn, revol"linn' . which. lhrough

progress and the Silu.uion of w. Itt gi’en .Regionol surnmaOcs are also provided. PanellI I I)lll:’AM Of f’I-:t.CIC TH H WOlUlli Of OlIl,DltF.” r.< FOIlMrJl Y lJ(lOSLAVIA 2 A 1>‘.1′.”””” 5Ol.uIU’ S SfOIlY3 THF. iosr lIOVS OF 1llF. S IJI1’N4 SA1G l.ANIH t L”1iSL” EL SALVADOR 6 uow SMt LANKA IllIK. res t1nL.DtU:N I’OIl PI’At’l::7 IMPAot,. 01′ W. R os CHIl,DltEN: STuDY BY HK;lI UWH . OIlOUPH V IIJ .AGf. ” ‘.o:ll’Jl SUI’fU

II<000f-Sl. Sh"TS 'lltF. I'i\CF. 10 OR5; TlIH MW ICAJ. . llV. 1t. rrrsss: A Nln"\VOIlKt'OR CUIl.OIU:1<14 GIRL'>‘ EDUCATION: A lJI’I’J.L”II ro [)f.VI’l.(lPMEl\IT 15 SocIAL O()”‘ I..

: 1995 . NI) 2000 Ted fig ure.F lO. I A NGOl.AN CIlIUlllf..’1 IN ” ‘AIl F ill . 2 1l<"DlISTR1AL17.ED CQUNttIF.S SPF.NDING MOIU! ON IIl'.ALTI I "'ND mut:ATION. WS os ",un . RYF ill . 3 PIJ8Ix SPF:NOlSll OS MIl.1TAAY II< D1cVUOPl.'lO tUlmlUES Ol1TPACF-S KF.I.lnt Fm;1lI l<1') Fl ll . 4 NP.T L" \fl'.5TM1i!l:R-5 Dl!AntS DOWN FIG. II Mi!As1.J'.S L'>I.” UNIZATlON non . “D IIOUllNO 1’Ki. 12 J’R1!>olARY SCHOOl. F.”ROI.Mr”‘ ,. RISESFIG. 13 BovslGlIlU F.J.l< Cou.'Child, may nations abideby the principle of "fi rst call for ch ildren" always-with thei r sur-vival. protection and development given high priority- in times of adversity as well as in times of bene licence. in times of war as well as in times of peace . UN1CEF has worked and has encouraged others during this half-ce ntury to make this princip le a reality. This report documents that great work. I recommend these pages to all readers. They reflect our com mon hopes and they summon us to even greater common action on behalf of the children of the world. Boutro$ Boulro$-GhaliUnited NalioTlS Secrelary-Gellerol Preface This special issue of The SIQ/II of fhl: "brld'" Child

plans ag;liMl war once the a critical ste p ten Jl’t’ Vet1l l1nd alle-viate lhc suffering off chilt1ren eros escort Hollywood FL within the armed oonnicl. We sUet Wilh children from inside the Will” just like the thcir comcrnporary predicament are boIhoverwhelming and you will inescapable.Next. they analysis theefforts regarding UNICEF sick their fi rst hal f-ccnlury Ineopc: wiih chilo drensubmerged I10l only inconniet bul in addition to on the quiet problems regarding paveny andpreventable situation. And you may II IJIows exactly how many gcvernrrenu and you will teams. withUNICEF support. have made

Humanitarian Step Report 2008

wion regarding cvefully UiClIIbIOO swiMicaJ dala. sothai tbe ptogtess lowan:’s the ynr 2000 requirements. MIopItd :ulbc 1990World Swnmil (01′”Childrm.. will be radily ..YSVd I br:liew: lbo:se: thrft chaplers expert.ick. an excellent senseof ..-right here UNICEF features beee.of their cunmt prioritia. and you will. ten the new alent possible. from . here il try t . Records and you will education !Lave cbanged and prolonged dramatnlly actually ever new JltiI SOyears. Correctly. therefore Iw our capacity to lII:pound dUl

ntion to your !become Legal rights of one’s Guy. That have restored ccmmitmeru. we will wort throughout the day in the event the Statement andthe Seminar llre switched off posts out-of failh with the expressionsof I\’ulily forthe lifestyle and hopes of the nation is the reason youngsters. This is a1so my fi

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