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Cookie refuted that declaration and you can told you she don’t love Jamal much more than your hence she only understands your finest

Cookie refuted that declaration and you can told you she don’t love Jamal much more than your hence she only understands your finest

Initially, Hakeem hated Cookie and you can are most disrespectful on the girl if you find yourself Cookie remaining attempting to make up for missing date that have your. In the Lyon’s Roar Hakeem explained why he had been always furious from the their, proclaiming that she treasured Jamal over him. Immediately after hearing which he prevented are suggest to their therefore the a few start to bond. During the year dos Cookie and you will Hakeem left Empire to visit begin their unique term.

Bunkie Williams (cousin)

Bunkie are Cookie’s favourite cousin. She is devastated when she heard which he are deceased. When she realized Lucious is the one who murdered Bunkie she made an effort to suffocate your which have a cushion.

Anika Calhoun (enemy)

Anika and Cookie disliked both as soon as it earliest met, that have Cookie even offering her the fresh new nick term Boo boo Cat. Anika don’t faith Cookie to stay Kingdom thus she left hiring agencies plus Porsha in order to spy for her however, sooner or later Cookie learned and place a stop to help you it. Its disagreement had bad whenever Anika stuck Lucious during intercourse having Cookie in our Moving Days. On year one finale Cookie and you may Anika involved with good short-term battle with Cookie strangling Anika towards the top of Hakeem’s pool table. Even with their mutual hatred for each most other it set their distinctions away and you may worked with Andre and you can Hakeem inside the an aggressive takeover facing Lucious. The master plan failed to performs in addition to five were banged from Empire and you will chose to start their unique sounds team. Cookie, that have a primary dislike for Anika, says to Hakeem to not allow her to sign-up him or her. Anika wanted to enter Lyon Dynasty so she advised Cookie you to Lucious was with a party in Laviticus, in hopes every piece of information she offered in order to Cookie might be adequate to persuade this lady to allow the girl signup Lyon Dynasty. In the event that FBI raided Kingdom Cookie informed Anika that if she closed Royale-T onto Lyon Dynasty you to she would sign up her or him. Later whenever Cookie advised Anika one Lucious said the guy never ever made an effort to take the woman experts she told Anika that she could not be leading and you will informed her not to go back to Lyon Dynasty.

Malcolm DeVeaux (ex-boyfriend)

Malcolm and you can Cookie become relationship into the Sins of your Father, however, there dating is actually brief just like the Malcolm had an alternative work from inside the Arizona D.C. while he asked Cookie to come with your she unfortuitously refuted, saying she are unable to exit all that she worked for.

Laz Delgado (ex-boyfriend)

Laz try the newest promoter to have Lyon Dynasty. The guy become relationships Cookie within the A leading Expect a decreased Paradise when they got gender from inside the Laz’s family. However their matchmaking isn’t as prime as it looks since the Laz was a person in the fresh 125th Highway Bulls. For the Sinned Facing Cookie learned and you may ended the lady relationship with him when you’re permitting Lucious deal with your.

Porsha Taylor (assistant)

Porsha is actually Cookie’s assistant exactly who will get handled badly of the Cookie, exactly https://besthookupwebsites.net/escort/clinton/ who have insulting her and informs the woman to close off right up all of the the time. Despite this, Porsha is very devoted so you can Cookie, found whenever Anika payed the girl so you’re able to spy for the Cookie but alternatively spied towards the Anika.

Cookie immediately following discharged Porsha while the second is actually sad at this. Yet not, Cookie took shame on her behalf and you will welcome the girl to take right back the woman occupations, after watching her have a problem with your dog. Porsha is grateful and you can thanked this lady for it as the Cookie informed the lady to not generate the lady regret it.

Whenever Porsha sprang a subway turnstile and you will would not show up to help you court she put Cookie’s label and you may she discharged Porsha. Porsha are rehired within the next episode when you look at the a beneficial probationary trends.

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