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Or: the only in which they fall in love at the good bakery and you will Yoongi turns out composing a song regarding it

Or: the only in which they fall in love at the good bakery and you will Yoongi turns out composing a song regarding it

Yoongi try a beneficial tormented ways significant who shows sometimes scary, anxiety, otherwise ecstasy and Hoseok are a photography college student exactly who thinks brand new industry comes to an end and in case Yoongi humor. They go toward another very first-day and it’s really not so bad given the record.

Yoongi is on the newest verge out of shedding what you as he takes within the promote out of a special roomie which strolls in the which have a grin that’s too big and fun that’s too loud.

(Or: how yoongi can also be decorate regarding sunset to the vision regarding hoseok’s laugh, and the colour in the other countries in the world to the voice of their wit.)

hoseok work at a tiny florist store. yoongi works in the a tiny tat and you can striking parlour. in some way its routes mix and so they fall-in like. or something like that.

Yoongi might have been visiting the exact same cafe each and every day for over a-year today. The guy keeps about his day routine up until Hoseok comes up and turns what you upside-down. (In which Hoseok is actually good barista and you will Yoongi try a beneficial salty little shit)

Where Yoongi is the owner of a restaurant that is a date hot-room in which he are solitary and you may salty anyway the fresh new couples streaming with the his bistro on a regular basis. And maybe a person who can make your a bit less salty at the conclusion too.

Coffee orders should really incorporate a keyword restrict. Unless it includes Hoseok one more reason to talk to Yoongi, of course.

Yoongi requires a pointed action in reverse and you can glares in the “Hobi”. “Exactly what the fuck style of name’s that,” he says, “and don’t contact myself.”

Yoongi’s merely seeking to day the latest you can passion for his life, Jung Hoseok

Namjoon renders an amusing music. Yoongi ignores they in the interest of eviscerating “Hobi” together with his stare. It appears to-be weirdly ineffective.

Yoongi is rented to get results Technology Service and you can Safeguards having Jung Corp and you will it’d truly getting fairly cool if it wasn’t to have this one obnoxiously handsome dude whoever lifetime mission it appears to getting to help you irritate Yoongi up to the guy vacation trips.

Which have invested a beneficial five years out of his lifetime moving from you to fandom to some other, Hoseok desires to believe they are extremely educated within what he really does. The thing is, Shine is one thing out of an exception to this rule.

Things regarding the Yoongi provides Hoseok perception like he could be fine, such as for example he will feel okay. It might be nostalgia. Otherwise it could be which he simply feels acquainted with Yoongi.

the newest “you want a bonus-that to suit your sister’s relationship therefore i want since a support but there is started a misunderstanding and then your whole loved ones thinks the audience is dating” bien au

i’m sure i am more youthful, however if i got to choose [him] or perhaps the sun / i would personally end up being one to nocturnal boy out-of a gun (a series of low-linear picture residential bien au drabbles. likely to be hefty with the nonsense and you can porno. i would personally apologize, however, i’m not you to definitely disappointed.)

“Sure you used to be, hyung,” said Hoseok of Jungkook’s other hand. “It is ok although, I really like they once you view me that way.”

In addition to that, however, someplace in the act they have themselves a couple of gay regulars that won’t subside

And when Yoongi just understood, Hoseok try their, he had been their up until the big date sunlight set in the latest east and you will goes up regarding the western. If only Yoongi you certainly will state they as opposed to their manhood getting pushed strong towards Hoseok meanwhile, then would remember that Hoseok’s address carry out the remain an equivalent, also not as much as additional items.

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