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You Get to Claim Better Bonuses than the Average Joe

You Get to Claim Better Bonuses than the Average Joe

Playing in an online casino is not only a choice; it’s also a way for users to commit some of their time and money on a single website. In many cases, players lose a lot of cash when playing online. When you’re a member of a VIP scheme, it doesn’t matter as much, or even hurt as badly, when you lose money playing online.

You won’t be putting your money on the line thanks to the VIP rewards. Sites like the 7Bit casino have amazing VIP programs and even world-class games at which you’ll be able to spend your loyalty bonuses!

Most online casinos tend to have some very solid bonus schemes. In fact, we’ve ranked some of the best bonuses in the world right here, at The Casino Wizard. However, these bonuses tend to be available for every player to claim.

VIP bonuses, on the other hand, are world-class rewards with an added touch of exclusivity that makes them fantastic choices for you to claim. They are far better bonuses than anything else that the website of your choice is offering its general player base, so you’ll have access to fantastic rewards by simply playing in your favorite online casino.

You Get to Feel Like a True VIP

Even though this might sound like a small point, VIP rewards also have a psychological factor that a player cannot deny. Whenever you become part of an online casino’s VIP program, you’ll get to feel like an important member of the website. In fact, you are!

If you’re constantly playing at the site, then you’re very valuable for the online casino. This will be shown with the rewards that you’ll get as a consequence of this.

Land-Based Casino Bonuses vs Online Casino Bonuses

Many online casino players often wonder whether they’re making the right choice in claiming a welcome bonus (or any deposit bonus, for that matter) in an online casino. Land-based casinos also offer certain types of bonuses, but they aren’t nearly as good https://casinosreview.ca/habanero/ as they are in an online casino. We’ve gone into detail before explaining why online casinos are better than land-based casinos.

You Can Claim Them Wherever You Are

Online casino bonuses are free to claim for all players regardless of where they are. You can claim bonuses using your mobile phone, you can claim them using your computer, or you can get those sweet rewards from your tablet. It all comes down to having an internet connection and a mobile browser. You don’t really need anything other than that to get your bonuses sorted.

Land-based casino bonuses not only require you to be at the online casino itself to claim them, but they’re also far scarcer and more limited to be used in certain areas of the said casino. Why claim limited bonuses when you could access a world of rewards using any device of your choice?

Online Bonuses are Far More Profitable

Whenever you visit a land-based casino, you might be greeted with a few chips that you can spend in some games that the establishment has to offer. However, this might be limited to €10 or €20 tops. In online casinos, you can be greeted with bonuses that are worth twice or even triple the amount of whichever sum of cash you intend to spend at the casino.

Sure, these might come with a few attachments and requirements that you’ll have to comply with before claiming it. However, chances are that you’ll end up with a significant sum of cash much larger than whichever amount you would’ve made in a land-based casino with a small bonus of €10.

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