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Shortly after his get back, he tries to compensate for their tattered experience of Nico because of the thanking your getting going to Iapetus

Shortly after his get back, he tries to compensate for their tattered experience of Nico because of the thanking your getting going to Iapetus


According to Kronos, Percy passed on Poseidon’s “as well variable, unpredictable” nature. Percy is a highly kind-hearted, brave-saturated, natural commander. We simply tell him he’s brave, such household members, friends, strangers, and even gods. He’s a comparable “brooding” research once the his father, and this usually had him branded since the a push back; their mother features a rebellious move identical to your. Percy is actually described as his sarcastic, wise sense of humor, and you may placed-back temperament. His partner Annabeth says that he’s actually some smart, but generally seems to act dumb.

Percy is somewhat brief-tempered which means that have issues controlling his outrage, such as for instance as he notices bullying. They can become derisively sarcastic and cranky, particularly when someone attempts to affect your otherwise forces your in order to follow. Like other heroes, Percy is really reckless and you can sometimes create otherwise blurt out things in advance of thought, resulting in him to view a lot of issues. He seems accountable for visitors and you may some thing and this goes wrong.

Predicated on Annabeth, Percy try obtuse, meaning the guy doesn’t constantly see the obvious in the event it is right in front of him, such as for instance people’s emotions and you will what they are trying to say indirectly. He bodybuilder text chat room has personal thinking for Annabeth throughout new series, however, he finally verifies her or him during the last Olympian. Despite this he could be perceptive when he needs to be, Percy you’ll share with you to definitely Gaea wanted to remain your live and you may wagered his lives understanding that he was also beneficial to Gaea getting your in order to pass away at that time.

Even in the event he has of several family members in Go camping Half-Blood, Percy is known as a troublemaker in school that have a track record out of expulsions, like any demigods. Their dyslexia can make studying and discovering difficult with his ADHD tends to make it hard getting him to get mindful or to remain however in group. They have not ever been among “cool” kids when you look at the category due to the fact he hangs out having allegedly “un-cool” anyone, for example their closest friend Grover Underwood or his 50 % of-cousin Tyson. Perhaps because of their bad records at school, Percy feels an effective number of passion and accessory so you can Camp Half-Blood. In your house away from Hades, Hazel states you to Percy is actually a child from Poseidon’s ideal characteristics: effective, but comfortable and you may beneficial, someone that perform guide ships securely toward coast rather than simply destroy her or him.

Shortly after taking their recollections removed by the Hera, living into the streets and assaulting beasts, Percy is promoting a “wolf stare” one says “No matter how crappy do you think you’re, I am even worse,” that allows him so you can frighten from somebody such gangsters. He is maybe not afraid of one thing regarding the mortal community more, and gangs. He notes that it is probably Lupa’s influence on your, when he existed together with her package to possess weeks. Even with getting really confident in his own efficiency, Hazel Levesque can be sense there clearly was a peaceful depression inside Percy like Jason, eg the guy saw their future and you can know this date he create face a beast he didn’t overcome.

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While in Tartarus at home off Hades, Percy is starting to show a black and much more risky side from himself in the personality. He begins to question himself regarding his morality, whenever he could be extremely good character or not. The guy miracle concerning the people he had prior to now addressed with apathy: Bob, Calypso, and you may Nico di Angelo. When you’re having difficulties Akhlys, Percy taps towards the their rage and you will controls poison so you can overpower Akhlys-concise in which also Annabeth try scared away from him. He was shown to be prone to hostility when he vows to damage Gaea and you can avenge Bob and you can Damasen, something which does not seem to decrease by the end of the guide.

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